don't do it don't do it don't do it

I just read an blog post talking about not "being a used car salesman" on day one in the classroom. Don't tell the kids it will be easy or hard, don't tell them it will be fun. I do that all the time! But I agree...I shouldn't. As the countdown to day one continues I will be telling myself - don't do it, don't do it, don't do it! The blogger's point was that the kids should get to decide for themselves whether it's fun or not. I agree. I will tell them we will work hard and that everyone will learn. I will try not to tell them it will be fun.

Don't tell them what it will be, just make it that. I promise I'll try.

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  1. Good morning pal.

    I think I will tell my students they will have fun this year.

    From my perspective it sets them at ease and calms some first day nerves. We both know that students WILL have fun in both of our classrooms. While fun is never the focus on what is happening we both strive to make it part of what is happening.

    If we let them know that they will work very hard, they will learn a lot this year, and heck, yes, they will have a lot of fun in the process ... What is the harm?

    Also, could you link to the article you mentioned?

    Thank you.